Spike Welcomes You!


When it comes to Art, there is no right or wrong!

Purpose: To promote exposure to and the appreciation for all art masterpieces and the role they play in our everyday lives.


1. Enrichment

2. Awareness of different types of art

3. Encourage children to observe, look and see art in a new way

4. Learn the elements and principles of art

5. And of course HAVE FUN!

Welcome to the Art Masterpiece Program.  This is a great program and your participation is greatly appreciated.  Listed below are some helpful hints and suggestions that will aid you in preparing for your lessons.


First of all please keep in mind that you do not have to have any previous art experience or training.  A love of children is all that is necessary and of course, patience.


It is always a good idea to drop your teacher a note informing him/her that you are their Art Masterpiece volunteer.  This is a good time to discuss the Art Masterpiece schedule with them.  Some teacher’s have specific days and times, others are more flexible.  After you have arranged a time, please fill in your name, date, time and artwork you will be using in the appropriate grade level sign-ups section on this website. 


Student artwork is hung on the colorful banners for display.  You will find a display schedule on the calendar of events on this site as well as other important dates.  Please check this schedule to ensure that you are prepared to display your class’ artwork!  Please plan to display a piece of artwork from every child in your class.  You can display one presentation or a combination of several.  It is nice to write up a short explanation of the art featured with the teacher’s name and grade level so that visitors will be able to relate the art to the subject.


Art supplies are located in the Art Masterpiece cabinets in the work area behind the teacher’s lounge.  These cabinets are marked with an Art Masterpiece tag tied to the door handles.  There are a wide variety of supplies, please plan on getting familiar with what supplies are available.  It is always a good idea to get the consumable supplies you need for a presentation together a week ahead of time (construction paper, etc.).   Please note, younger children are not allowed in the lounge or workroom.  This is for their safety due to cutting machines and other equipment.  Additionally, this area opens into the back office areas and children may accidentally wonder into an area that could cause a disruption.  If this causes a problem for you, please contact the art masterpiece coordinator so that accommodations can be made.   I am happy to help make supplies & copies accessible to all volunteers.


Art prints are located at the end of the counter in the work area with the supplies.  Please remember to return the prints promptly when you are done!  This also applies to any other materials you may use.  If you have any new ideas for presenting a particular piece of artwork please share it with others.  New ideas are always welcome!  A few projects will require copies this year.  Those copies will be made for you and placed with the art materials.  If you need something else copied for your presentation, please contact the Art Masterpiece Coordinator as the availability of the copier has been limited due to budget constraints.


If you have any other questions or need any help, please feel free to e-mail me.  Remember you do not have to be a Picasso to enjoy this program!  Just time and enthusiasm are required.  Don’t forget to have fun – the kids love Art Masterpiece!



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