1. Introduce yourself to your teacher and plan your presentation ideas and times with him/her.

  2. Decide where you will display the work of art during your presentation.

  3. Arrive a few minutes early for your presentation.

  4. Be sure to input your name,date, time and artwork in the artwork sign-up section on this site as soon as you schedule your lesson with your teacher so that no one else is using the art you need during that time.

  5. When scheduling your presentation, try to target them for the early part of the month and always allow time for clean up after the presentation.

  6. Introduce yourself to the class and write your name on the board.  When you introduce the artist and the name of the work of art, write them on the board also.

  7. Each volunteer may use a different approach to the subject – if you have a new idea, please feel free to use it and share it with the other volunteers in the forum section!

  8. Involve the children in your presentation by asking questions that require more than a “yes” or “no” answer.

  9. Try to convey the essential ideas about the work of art but keep it simple.

  10. Be aware of art vocabulary.  Define new terms and write them on the board.

  11. Be flexible; try to adjust your presentation to the level of the group’s receptiveness.  Try to keep it moving and to stay within your time limits.  Don’t be afraid to end your presentation if the group is unreceptive, just move along to the art project.

  12. Have Fun!  Kids are great and so eager to learn new things.  The faculty and staff are also very supportive and appreciative.

  13. Helpful Hint! There is plenty of paper in the Art Masterpiece cabinet, take some with you to your lesson so that children who finish first can draw whatever they like to keep quiet and busy while the others finish.

  14. If you should need extra help, contact other parents in your class, they are usually eager to lend a hand!  Feel free to e-mail me if your have a question or a problem.

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