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First, Foster PTA would like to thank you for choosing to work with us to present this wonderful program.  Please remember encouraging the kids and having fun is essential.  A background in art is not necessary; patience, the ability to communicate enthusiastically with the children and coordination with the teachers are all that is needed to be successful!  This job requires approximately 3 hours of your time each month.  During this time, you will be asked to prepare for your lesson, schedule the time with your teacher and present the art work and related art project to your class.  To be successful here is your checklist/guide:

1.  Attend the scheduled welcome/training meeting.

2.  Familiarize yourself with the website and supplies.

3.  Introduce yourself to your teacher.

4.  Schedule with your teacher your monthly classroom visits and discuss your presentation as needed.

5.  Give appropriate advance notification if a conflict arises and reschedule.

6.  Submit artwork sign-up to art masterpiece coordinator so that your artwork is available for your presentation and double booking is avoided.  Artwork sign-ups available through this website.

7.  Give feedback in the forums section of this website.

8.  Remember to sign-in at the front office, get a visitor badge and log all your hours at home and in the classroom each month in the volunteer section of the binder in the front office.

9.  Return supplies to cabinets promptly for others to use.

10.  Contact me if supplies are missing or are running low.

11.  Save animal magazines and toilet paper rolls and put them in the art masterpiece cabinets.  If your grade does not require these supplies, please consider helping because eventually everyone will need these supplies during their time at Foster.  Thank You!


PTA and Art Masterpiece appreciate your support and dedication; without volunteers, art masterpiece could not exist!  You make it possible!!!!!

Art MasterPiece - Responsibilities and Requirements

Lesson Plans

Foster Elementary PTA

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President - Beth Semak

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